Kim is a partner at the law firm of
Mears, Smith, Houser & Boyle, PC. He
represents volunteer firefighters, EMS workers,
Emergency Management Personnel and Career Firefighters.
Kim has created programs on the subject of emergency services. He has authored numerous articles as well as a book on this subject and also conducts regional seminars that can be presented at Fire Company's across Pennsylvania. For more information on these seminars please contact Kim at

Programs available to be presented at your facility.
Command Officer Leadership Series 8 hours
Fire Command & Control - Skills & Techniques 8 hours
Incident Officer Training 8 hours
Fire Command on Trial 8 hours
NFPA-Maskman Skill Certification (Greensburg vfd) 40 hours
Summary of Legal Aspects of Command 8 hours
How to write and use SOP/SOG/SOO's 8 hours
ICS 300 & ICS 400 24&16hr
Articles Authored
Training Our Fire Service Instructors Must Be A Commitment to Excellence
Command Malpractice - How Lawyers Will Attack You
Firefighters Injured On The Job: How To Protect Yourself
Volunteer Fire Service Under Assault
Fire Company's Corporate Practices
Command Without Risk Management Skills: Are You Ready For The Nightmare?
Command Without A Clue
The Death of Firefighters During Interior Operations: A Search For Probable Cause
Book Authored

The Legal Aspects
of the
Pennsylvania Emergency Services
and Command - 2005 ©

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Kim also serves on the Advisory Board of the
Pittsburgh Fire Rescue & EMS Expo.
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